July 30 - Hercules Glades Wilderness Area

I woke up late Saturday morning (6:00am instead of 4:30am) and didn't quite make it into Hercules before dawn. Still, it was a pretty nice hike even though I was covered in spider webs before the end of the morning. The hike covered Devil's Den, and the upper pilots before heading back home.

The first image is from Devil's Den, and is just some plants that I found interesting.

The second image is a member of the Rudbeckia genus, though I'm not sure which one - it could be a Brown-eyed Susan, a Black-eyed Susan or a Sweet Coneflower.


  1. This is my favorite, I love the detail in the center of the flower. By the way, carry a stick for the spider webs!

  2. Thanks! Hey, I was carrying a stick - and a very nice one at that! But sometimes the stick doesn't catch them all.


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