March 21 - Pond

The pond by the Burrell Behavioral Health Center is always a great place to photograph. Especially when it's rainy and starting to get a little green. You do have to watch where you walk, though.

March 20 - Downtown Springfield

I spent yesterday evening in downtown Springfield photographing around the square with a few folks from the camera club. There are so many things to play around with down there, it's always fun.

I don't know why, but I was fascinated by the debris pile in front of the Heers building.

March 15 - St. Louis, Part III

This is the last post from the St. Louis trip.

Actually, the first picture is a sunrise from Lake Lou Yaeger in Litchfield, IL. The tiny specks in the sky are birds - there were a lot of them flying around the lake.

And the rest are from the Chain of Rocks Bridge.

March 15 - St. Louis, Part II

Here are a few more pictures from the St. Louis trip. Most are from the Chain of Rocks Bridge, but there are a few more Arch pictures at the bottom.

March 15 - St. Louis

Here are the first of several posts about St. Louis. We spent the weekend there, partially with the camera club, and partially by ourselves. We had a great time and even got a few interesting pictures. On both of these, I played around with overexposure.

The first one is from the Chain of Rocks Bridge.

And here's a view of the arch you don't see very often.