January 28 - Roark Bluff

I spent the day attending a digital Black and White printing workshop by Tim Ernst. I'd been to one his workshops before back in October of 2004, and I've learned a lot on both trips. So if you want to get to know how to get some great prints out of your digital camera, I would definitely suggest one of these workshops.

We arrived early in the morning at Roark Bluff along the not-so-mighty Buffalo River, and we did our best to get a few pictures in before it started raining (which it inevitably did for the rest of the day).

Here are a few of the pictures I ended up with...

January 22 - Springfield Nature Center

I went out for a quick hike this afternoon at the Nature Center. It was very nice weather for photographers today - overcast and about 40 degrees. Perfect! There was even a brilliant sunset as I was walking back to the truck but I was in no position to take advantage of its beauty. Oh well, some other day!

This is a closeup of a leaf on a briar.

There are always some ducks playing around this time of year.

This great view of the creek is often photographed (I'm not sure I got the best out of it today, though, and may try again sometime).

January 7 - Sunset in Springfield

There was a beautiful sunset on Saturday evening. Unfortunately, I was at home and there was no way I could find an unobstructed view before it vanished. Although the color was fantastic, I traded that for the more abstract view of the sunset being reflected by my apartment's window.

December 31 - Table Rock Lake and Galena

First of all, Happy New Year! 2005 has been a great year, and I think this year will be even better!

I spent the last day of the year taking a few photographs in southern Missouri. The first is from the shores of Table Rock Lake down around Kimberling City.

And then on to the "Y" bridge in Galena, which is something I've always meant to photograph. It just took a while to be there with a camera in hand and not so tired from hiking that I could actually enjoy it.