January 31 - Snow!

It snowed today! It started out slow, but continued to grow. This picture is the result of a long exposure taken well after dark (I had to use the porch light to focus). The camera was confused by the near darkness and set a very warm white balance. I could have corrected it, but I kind of like the warm feel, even though it's a very cold looking scene.

January 19 - Bonus Cat

We have somehow adopted a bonus outdoor cat named Starbuck (after a character in the new Battlestar Galactica series). Despite the fact that there is a 15 foot drop just beyond the rail, she sits here often. I think her expression is "Why haven't you fed me yet?"

January 7 - James River Bridge

It's been really warm lately - windy and sunny and not very winterly at all. But some clouds starting forming today (which turned into tornado warnings) that I wanted to get out and photograph. Unfortunately my choices were limited and I ended up at this bridge over the James River not too far from my house.

January 6 - Fishing Cone

This is another image from last fall's trip to the West Thumb area of Yellowstone. There are so many fantastic things to photograph in Yellowstone, it's hard sometimes to know where to start, and there's no way to do it all. I just wish I lived closer to this place.