December 24 - Gillespie Lake

We traveled to Illinois for Christmas eve and had a chance to do some photography early Monday morning. This is from a small lake in central Illinois before sunrise. Yes, that's ice on the water - it was kind of chilly!

Our original purpose was to shoot pictures of the full moon, but we never found a great position from which to achieve that goal. This was the best I could do before my camera ran out of battery life (turns out it was a problem in the connectors in the battery grip and not the battery at all).

December 21 - Happy Holidays!

This is a live Christmas tree we bought last year - it kind of looks neat with lights on a foggy night!

December 8 - Cave Mountain, Lost Valley

I dropped by the opening of Tim Ernst's Cloudland Gallery this afternoon. The gallery was great, as were the prints it contained. No surprise there!

It was foggy all the way from Nixa, to Cloudland and on the way back, I just had to take a few pictures. The first two are fog pictures on Cave Mountain Road, and the rest are from Lost Valley. If you've never been to Lost Valley, you should definitely go. The hike is only a mile or so and the scenery is fantastic.

This picture contains 8 shots stitched together.

This one contains 3 stitched images.

And this one contains two.