March 31 - Grape Hyacinth

After a day of rain, the sun provided some interesting light through the clouds.

March 25 - Founders Park

I'd never visited Founders Park before this - other times I'd been by it was closed off. So I gladly took the opportunity to take a few pictures. Kind of abstract, but if you want to see what the whole thing looks like, you'll have to visit!

March 23 - Abigail Brown

Here are a few pictures of my niece, Abigail.

March 16 - Flying Pan

This is a little post-dated, but I was working on a project for the camera club. I was lucky to get a photo of this rarely observed behavior of iron skillets in the wild.

March 14 - Tangled Branches and Fellows Lake

A tangle of branches caught my attention the other day - they seemed strikingly impenetrable and foreboding.

Then it was on to Fellows Lake for the second time in three days for what turned out to be a contrast in colors. It was getting pretty late, and well past sunset and at that time of night, the sky was blue.

On the southern horizon, however, I noticed an orange glow which I assume was the lights of Springfield reflecting on the clouds in some odd way.

March 11 - Clay Pots and Fellows Lake

The winter was hard on the clay pots on our back deck - maybe it's time to get some new ones.

I also had a few minutes last night to take a few pictures of Fellows Lake right at sunset.