March 26 - Night Field Trip

At the end of a very busy weekend, the camera club had a nighttime field trip to several spots in town. Though I missed the first location, I caught up with everyone during the last two.

The first stop was the chapel at Drury. I found the limbs silhouetted against the structure very fascinating.

Then, it was on to MSU (still want to put an S in the front of that) for a few pictures. I think this first one is Strong Hall.

This is the carillon tower that I've heard about - seems a funny thing to put on a library that presumably values silence.

And one more picture of spooky limbs against Ellis Hall.

March 19 - North of Springfield

My uncle owns some property north of Springfield, and I spent some time there taking pictures today. It was cloudy, chilly and very windy on the ridge-top field, but the wind died down lower in the drainage area.

The first three pictures are of an old school that hasn't seen use in decades. But I love these old buildings and all of their faults and all of their character.

There was some really nice vines growing on the side.

Walking through the field, I saw this flash of color in the fence line and found this little branch stuck in a tree.

And here's one taken in the same field before walking back to the truck.

March 12 - Storm

It was a dark and stormy night last night, and flashes of lightening enticed me to the top of a parking garage like a moth to the flame. The display was muted, though - this storm was more about damaging winds and hail than lightning.

Dropping down to a lower level during the height of the storm, there were only the briefest of flashes.

The aftermath - looking eastward, the moon and stars were clearly visible against the receding storm.

March 11 - Field Trip Downtown

Our camera club spent some time in downtown Springfield today taking pictures of anything that we found interesting. Even though I took well over 350 pictures, I only had a few that I really liked. Who knows - maybe I'll like more of them later on, but for now just these three...

This is the neat little alley next to Landers Theater

A statue of a bird lover in the grounds of a church on Elm and Kimbrough.

And the surprise of the day - being in front of the Shrine Mosque as the elephants made their entrance!

March 8 - Around Town

I thought I should post some of the pictures I've been taking during the last few days. The first is of a budding tree - maple, perhaps? Even though I love winter, I'm always happy when the first buds start opening up. But it's tempered with the knowledge that July and August are just that little bit closer.

Out on the art walk last Friday, I walked by this old building downtown (where we used to get our tires fixed, actually). I thought it was kind of interesting so I went back to photograph it tonight. This view is with a very wide lens that has a lot of parallax distortion.

And another color version.

March 2 - McDaniel Lake

With the nice weather we've had lately I've been getting itchy to go out and take some pictures. I tried going out to Fellows Lake for a few evening sky pictures, but they're not very photographer friendly, and in fact, close well before their posted "sundown".

So, I rushed over to McDaniel Lake to find a familiar alternative. It wasn't a spectacular sunset, but was better than sitting inside.