March 8 - Around Town

I thought I should post some of the pictures I've been taking during the last few days. The first is of a budding tree - maple, perhaps? Even though I love winter, I'm always happy when the first buds start opening up. But it's tempered with the knowledge that July and August are just that little bit closer.

Out on the art walk last Friday, I walked by this old building downtown (where we used to get our tires fixed, actually). I thought it was kind of interesting so I went back to photograph it tonight. This view is with a very wide lens that has a lot of parallax distortion.

And another color version.


  1. Hi Tim...I just discovered your blog. lovely pictures although some seem rather forlorn and i'm ready for new spring. see you soon.


  2. Thanks, Sigrid! Haven't seen you in ages!

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