September 24 - Moonflower

Here's a moonflower from our deck at sunset. These are large, but delicate flowers that bloom very late in the day.

September 18 - Additional Trip Pictures

Rather than string out the trip pictures over a number of days, I decided to put them into a Picasa album here:

September 7 - Mesa Verde National Park

Later in the day, we made it to Mesa Verde National Park for the last light in the day before returning to our hotel in Cortez.

September 7 - Bandelier National Monument

Here are a few more images of ladders from Bandelier. Not authentic hardware, but still interesting in at least a graphic sense.

September 7 - Bandelier National Monument

I've just returned from a trip with the camera club that visited Bandelier National Monument, Mesa Verde National Park, and Monument Valley.

I took about 2500 pictures and it will take a while to dig through and process them. For now, here's a few