November 22 - Hawksbill Crag

Actually, this is the ridge opposite Hawksbill Crag - the light was just too harsh to get the crag. But the light fell nicely down the hillside lighting just the tops of the trees.

November 17 - Sunset outside of Nixa

There was a fantastic sunset tonight! After missing a few during the last week or so, I had a chance to redeem myself tonight. I wish I had time to get somewhere with a reflection, but the silhouettes will have to do.

November 2 - Downtown Field Trip

A few camera club folks got together for a short but fun field trip. The light was really nice as dusk started to fall.

November 2 - Images of Fall

It's been quite some time since I've posted anything here. The last two months have been very hectic - getting married will do that to you! But I'm starting to feel like taking pictures again, so here are a few taken in our back yard.