December 20 - Wilson's Creek Luminary Drive

It was cold and windy, but having missed prior events, I was determined to make it to this one. It was a lot of fun, though frustrating at times to photograph.

December 14 - Jefferson Avenue Footbridge

The weather started to get pretty bitter by the time this field trip was over, but here are a few pictures from the footbridge.

November 22 - Hawksbill Crag

Actually, this is the ridge opposite Hawksbill Crag - the light was just too harsh to get the crag. But the light fell nicely down the hillside lighting just the tops of the trees.

November 17 - Sunset outside of Nixa

There was a fantastic sunset tonight! After missing a few during the last week or so, I had a chance to redeem myself tonight. I wish I had time to get somewhere with a reflection, but the silhouettes will have to do.

November 2 - Downtown Field Trip

A few camera club folks got together for a short but fun field trip. The light was really nice as dusk started to fall.

November 2 - Images of Fall

It's been quite some time since I've posted anything here. The last two months have been very hectic - getting married will do that to you! But I'm starting to feel like taking pictures again, so here are a few taken in our back yard.

September 24 - Moonflower

Here's a moonflower from our deck at sunset. These are large, but delicate flowers that bloom very late in the day.

September 18 - Additional Trip Pictures

Rather than string out the trip pictures over a number of days, I decided to put them into a Picasa album here:

September 7 - Mesa Verde National Park

Later in the day, we made it to Mesa Verde National Park for the last light in the day before returning to our hotel in Cortez.

September 7 - Bandelier National Monument

Here are a few more images of ladders from Bandelier. Not authentic hardware, but still interesting in at least a graphic sense.

September 7 - Bandelier National Monument

I've just returned from a trip with the camera club that visited Bandelier National Monument, Mesa Verde National Park, and Monument Valley.

I took about 2500 pictures and it will take a while to dig through and process them. For now, here's a few

August 16 - Wilson's Creek National Battlefield

Today the camera club made a very early drop by the battlefield. It was foggy, and I ended up soaked from walking through tall grass, but it was a lot of fun.

August 1 - Ash Grove Revisited

Not another trip, but rather an additional image from the trip back at the end of June. I've been trying out some new software (Lightroom 2.0, which I used to process this image) - and I'm finding it quite a lot of fun.

July 22 - Parrot on the square

The camera club organized a field trip tonight and the star attraction was a parrot!

I couldn't leave the square without taking a picture of the fountain.

July 1 - Ash Grove

The camera club went to Ash Grove last night for a quick field trip. I've driven through Ash Grove several times, but never thought of it as a very photogenic town. But there are always interesting things around if you look closely enough. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

These first few are just details of various buildings made much more interesting in the setting sun.

Playing around, "misusing" my tilt-shift lens.

At a small lake just west of town.

The always interesting passion flower.