September 20 - More Zoo Photos

Time is flying by this month, and I've only been out once with my camera since the zoo trip and didn't get anything worth posting. But I did process a few more zoo pictures - two more portraits of some very interesting animals.

September 9 - Dickerson Park Zoo

I spent the morning with the Southwest Missouri Camera Club in the Dickerson Park Zoo. The director, Mike Crocker, let us in a little early for a few pictures behind the scenes. Many thanks to Mike for letting us in for the photos.

This giant turtle is always easy to photograph since they don't move around very fast.

This alligator was pretty still - and we hoped he stayed that way!

I had quite a bit of fun playing around with this photo of a mother and child elephant. Click on the image for a larger view.

September 2 - Springfield MO

After a few hectic weeks things are starting calm down - at least for a while. So tonight was a good time to go take a few pictures. I didn't go far - just to Jordan Valley Park. I missed the SWMCC field trip to this location a couple of weeks ago, but liked the pictures that came out so I had to take a few of my own.

I'll also pass along another bit of information. This week, Michael Brothers - a reporter for the Springfield News-Leader - did a story on blogs and photography. I am quite flattered that the artical featured a few photos from this blog. Here is a link to the story. (it may not be active for a long period of time).