September 2 - Springfield MO

After a few hectic weeks things are starting calm down - at least for a while. So tonight was a good time to go take a few pictures. I didn't go far - just to Jordan Valley Park. I missed the SWMCC field trip to this location a couple of weeks ago, but liked the pictures that came out so I had to take a few of my own.

I'll also pass along another bit of information. This week, Michael Brothers - a reporter for the Springfield News-Leader - did a story on blogs and photography. I am quite flattered that the artical featured a few photos from this blog. Here is a link to the story. (it may not be active for a long period of time).


  1. Tim,

    I absolutely love your work. I am looking forward to learning more from you.


  2. Some well deserved publicity Tim. Congradulations.

  3. Hey.. I think you have such awesome photography skills.

    Really love your works.


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