February 16 - Southeast Missouri, Part 3

OK - just a few more pics from the trip. The first one is from the school at Alley Mill. Taken way after the sun had gone down.

...and a broader view of Falling Spring Mill

February 16 - Southeast Missouri, Part 2

On Monday, we went to a place I'd never even heard of before - "Falling Spring Mill". It turned out to be a pretty interesting place - I will go back!

February 15 - Southeast Missouri

Several members of the camera club went on a really nice field trip this weekend. The weather ws great, and it was nice to get away for a while.

Rocky Falls

Klepzig Mill

Alley Mill

February 13 - Art Walk

We went to first Friday the art walk in Springfield tonight - went to quite a few galleries and had a good time. I brought my camera along just in case I found something interesting.

The first is from a tire center west of the square - I have a few pictures of this well-worn business.

This is our dance instructor (on the right) in the studio of Randy Bacon.