May 20 - James River Bridge

Just one more from Springfield Lake camera club trip - this is the bridge over the James River right before it turns into Springfied Lake.

May 19 - Springfield Lake

The weekly camera club field trip went to Springfield Lake tonight. While not flagrantly beautiful, there are a few things here and there that can be gleaned.

May 14 - Backyard Flowers

From the back yard before it starts raining!

An Iris (warning: this may not look so great on some monitors).

And a blackberry blossom.

May 5 - Ritter Springs Park

The camera club visited Ritter Springs Park tonight. It was a nice evening to walk around, and not a hint of a breeze was stirring.

May 3 - Woods Prairie

The camera club took a trip this morning to photograph wild flowers. The prairie was windy and cold, but I managed to get a few images I liked.

Wood Betony

Wild Strawberry

May 1 - New Orleans

On our last day in New Orleans, I got up and photographed the sunrise at the river. It wasn't a sunrise that filled the sky, but beauty was held in small details.

A cannon in jackson square.

And a final shot of the staircase at our hotel, the Soniat House (maybe the best way to stay in New Orleans!).

April 30 - New Orleans

Today, we slept in a little too long to catch morning light (shuttered rooms stay dark a long time), but it's never too late for Beignets! Having never had one before, I was really happy with the result - lightly crispy outside, but there's a nice weight to the interior.

Here's a cat basking in late afternoon sun.

It is surely the residents of the French Quarter that makes it interesting and not us picture-taking tourists.

During evening light, the colors become muted, and shadows bring out some nice detail.

April 29 - New Orleans

After leaving the Natchez Trace, we dropped down to New Orleans for a few days. Walking around that evening provided a few interesting buildings to photograph.

This was an interesting house, but I had a hard time photographing it. As soon as I brought my camera to my eye a cab pulled up and parked directly between me and the building. It took about 5 minutes before the cab moved on, and by that time another photographer took up a post right in my composition, oblivious to the world. Eventually she did move on and I took a picture without impediment, but it looked empty.

A small light across the street from our hotel.

Looking down at the street from the deck above our room.

And this is the stairway to the third floor of the Soniat House.

April 28 - Mount Locust Inn

On the southern end of the Natchez Trace is Mount Locust Inn, a stop for travelers starting their journey back up the river. While the furniture in the house is not originally from the Mount Locust Inn, it is authentic to the period.

April 28 - Natchez Trace

The Natchez Trace is a remnant of a very old road extending from Tennessee to the Mississippi River at Natchez, MS. We drove about half of it during the week. These pictures are from the Ross Barnett Reservoir, and the Cypress Swamp.