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I haven't been posting many images here for the last few months. Mainly because I've been starting to send posts to Facebook. It's much more interactive and dynamic. If you're interested, look me up. My username is "buchanantim".

May 9 - Woods Prairie

There were some great flowers out in the prairie today. This prairie contains some of the few remaining acres of land in Missouri that has never been touched by a plow.

April 25 - Nathaniel Green/Close Memorial Park

On a field trip with the camera club today. I arrived pretty early (but not early enough) so I could see the sun rise - this is how it appeared when I arrived. The sky was kind of hazy and the sun was just visible through the humid horizon.

I was interrupted while taking this picture by a couple of people trying to figure out what I found so interesting. Yes, I take pictures of grass. No, I don't know what kind it is - it's just pretty.

After joining the rest of the club in the demonstration garden, we took a few more pictures. A very breezy morning, and it was a challenge to get these tulips to stand still.

April 19 - Valley Watermill

After the rain today was a perfect time for me to go take a few pictures. These are from the new Valley Watermill park just north of town. I haven't been there since it has been parkified - very nicely done! I rode by this every day on the bus in High School and needless to say, nothing around that area is the same -new bridges, roads, dams, trails - everything is new.

April 1 - Rocky Mountain National Park

No, I didn't make a quick trip to RMNP to take a picture - this is from a previous trip. I've worked on this image off and on for quite a while but finally got a B&W version that I'm happy with.

March 21 - Pond

The pond by the Burrell Behavioral Health Center is always a great place to photograph. Especially when it's rainy and starting to get a little green. You do have to watch where you walk, though.

March 20 - Downtown Springfield

I spent yesterday evening in downtown Springfield photographing around the square with a few folks from the camera club. There are so many things to play around with down there, it's always fun.

I don't know why, but I was fascinated by the debris pile in front of the Heers building.

March 15 - St. Louis, Part III

This is the last post from the St. Louis trip.

Actually, the first picture is a sunrise from Lake Lou Yaeger in Litchfield, IL. The tiny specks in the sky are birds - there were a lot of them flying around the lake.

And the rest are from the Chain of Rocks Bridge.

March 15 - St. Louis, Part II

Here are a few more pictures from the St. Louis trip. Most are from the Chain of Rocks Bridge, but there are a few more Arch pictures at the bottom.

March 15 - St. Louis

Here are the first of several posts about St. Louis. We spent the weekend there, partially with the camera club, and partially by ourselves. We had a great time and even got a few interesting pictures. On both of these, I played around with overexposure.

The first one is from the Chain of Rocks Bridge.

And here's a view of the arch you don't see very often.

February 16 - Southeast Missouri, Part 3

OK - just a few more pics from the trip. The first one is from the school at Alley Mill. Taken way after the sun had gone down.

...and a broader view of Falling Spring Mill

February 16 - Southeast Missouri, Part 2

On Monday, we went to a place I'd never even heard of before - "Falling Spring Mill". It turned out to be a pretty interesting place - I will go back!

February 15 - Southeast Missouri

Several members of the camera club went on a really nice field trip this weekend. The weather ws great, and it was nice to get away for a while.

Rocky Falls

Klepzig Mill

Alley Mill

February 13 - Art Walk

We went to first Friday the art walk in Springfield tonight - went to quite a few galleries and had a good time. I brought my camera along just in case I found something interesting.

The first is from a tire center west of the square - I have a few pictures of this well-worn business.

This is our dance instructor (on the right) in the studio of Randy Bacon.

January 28 - Snow

It's been a while since we've had snow - real snow. Not the sleet or frozen rain we've been getting (well, it started out as that). So I got out late last night and took a few pictures lit by the city lights of Nixa