April 25 - Nathaniel Green/Close Memorial Park

On a field trip with the camera club today. I arrived pretty early (but not early enough) so I could see the sun rise - this is how it appeared when I arrived. The sky was kind of hazy and the sun was just visible through the humid horizon.

I was interrupted while taking this picture by a couple of people trying to figure out what I found so interesting. Yes, I take pictures of grass. No, I don't know what kind it is - it's just pretty.

After joining the rest of the club in the demonstration garden, we took a few more pictures. A very breezy morning, and it was a challenge to get these tulips to stand still.

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  1. I like. Here's why. Repetition of subject. Selective focus so your eye is drawn to one of the three elements. Rich, natural appearing colors. Overall pleasing composition. Fit this in a smart white mat and museum black frame and you've got a piece of work that should look great in just about any setting, in any scale.


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