July 28 - Wilson's Creek Battlefield

The camera club made a very early trip to Wilson's Creek Battlefield to gather a few pictures for an upcoming project. I was surprised to see such a good turnout for a 5:15 meeting time! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

I'd been wanting to photograph this corn field for quite a while, and I spent quite a bit of time trying to get a good image. I think there might have been better ones out there this morning, but these will have to do.

The sun cooperated twice this morning - the first time (pre-dawn), the sun gave the sky a light magenta hue. Later on, a fiery orange graced the sky. Same cornfield, just further north.

This is the same location, but I kept on shooting further up into the sky. So far, in fact that I ran into the other horizon.

A final canon shot, and it was time for breakfast!

July 15 - Downtown Springfield

The camera club had a quick field trip downtown tonight. It started in the late evening and went until we were rained out. At first glance, you might not think that there would be that many photographic opportunities, but it's limited only by your imagination!

July 8 - Wilson's Creek Battlefield

A few folks from the camera club dropped by Wilson's Creek National Battlefield for a little scouting prior to a project we're working on. It was a muggy evening full of sweat and ticks. But here are a few pictures I took at a small cabin on Wire Road, and then at the Ray House.

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I've spent the last few days in Chicago taking in the sights. I confess that for the most part I was attracted to flashy attractions like Cloud Gate and views from the city. Some day I hope to return and capture a bit more diversity.

Day 1

Cloud Gate Closeup

Holy Name Cathedral

View of the city from the John Hancock Center

Lake Michigan

Day 2
During the evening we took a sunset cruise on one of the Wendella tour boats. Fortunately, there was some nice light in the sky, and some nice boats in the water.

Rigger Ship and Light House

Chicago Skyline

Day 3

Part of a fountain at the Art Institute

Cloud Gate closeup

Cloud Gate

City sky in Cloud Gate

Crown Fountain at Millenium Park

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