February 24 - Bridge at Beaver Arkansas

We spent the weekend in Eureka Springs. Though it was cloudy and kind of drab the entire time we were there, we did get out on Saturday and take a few pictures. Here are a few pictures of a bridge over Table Rock Lake at the small town of Beaver.

February 11 - Ice on James River

An ice storm that made its way through our area today left branches and trees laden with nearly an inch of ice. It's pretty as long as your power is on, and then it's not so pretty. So far, it's pretty!

It was sprinkling while I took these shots, so I didn't have a lot of time to shoot.

Mary has the only bit of color in an otherwise drab environment.

February 2 - Downtown Architecture

The camera club made a trek downtown early this morning for a few architectural pictures. It was kind of chilly at first, but we warmed up by the end of the morning. I had a lot of fun. The locations of these photographs would be familiar to most local residents, but I found it more interesting poking around behind the buildings.