August 13 - Goat Bluff

This morning, I got up pretty early and headed down to Arkansas to hike the Cecil Cove loop and to photograph Goat Bluff at dawn. I've been to this bluff several times to take pictures, but don't feel I've ever done it justice (and this morning was no exception). There are some pretty interesting cedars right at the edge of the bluff and they're well worth the short hike to see - this view will be fantastic in the fall.

Cedars on Goat Bluff overlooking a very low Buffalo River.

My photographic mission over, I went on and hiked the loop. It's only 7.4 miles, so it was easy to do before it got too hot, and as long as I wasn't hiking uphill the woods were pretty pleasent. I saw 5 or 6 deer, quite a few squirrels, and even a hiker! It's pretty dry right now, but that's good for this trail since some of it gets kind of sloggy when it's wet.

I promised myself that I wouldn't take pictures of any yellow flowers today. It seems that's all I've been seeing lately and yellow isn't really my favorite flower color. As I was hiking down Cecil Creek, though, I spied a little bit of blue that turned out to be a pretty interesting flower. It's called a Dayflower (a member of the spiderwort family), and is around an inch long.


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