August 4 - Ozark Empire Fair

I thought I'd throw these pictures into the blog from a trip to the fair earlier tonight. It was a beautiful night to go, and though it's been years since I've gone (early 80's?) it hasn't changed that much. It didn't seem very crowed tonight either. I had great time taking pictures and checking out the exibits with Beth and Lori from the camera club.

A performer on stilts juggled patiently while we snapped away...

This was a stool at one of the carnival games - the reflections were kind of interesting.

For once, I didn't come prepared - I really should have brought my tripod and this 3 second exposure of one of the rides was kind of shaky (I was resting my elbows on something steady and it was with an IS lens), but I think you get the idea.


  1. Cool Pics - now maybe I'll be motivated to visit the fair again someday myself.


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