October 6 - Additional Trip Pictures

I've worked through a few more of my 3200+ images that I took on the camera club trip. I don't expect that I'll find many more that I really like. If I get 1 out of 100 images that I like, I think I've done pretty good (it sure is a good thing I'm shooting digital!)

During our first evening in Grand Teton National Park, we ended up at Jackson lake to see a sunset. There wasn't much of one, but I did like this mountain silhouette.

This is from Wind River Lake near our lodge. These alpine meadows in this area are just incredible. Peaceful near dusk, and vividly colored when lit by the sun.

One of the mountains visible from Signal Mountain. It had been cloudy that day, and I really liked the half-hidden mountain peak.

A panographic image (more than one image stitched together in this case) of Two Oceans Lake.

Great Fountain Geyser was just a special place when we were there. This is a 20 second exposure from when it was nearly dark.

From Rocky Mountain National Park. There wasn't much color in the sky that night, but with a longer lens you could frame the vibrant bits.

And after the sun was long gone, there were still some very interesting clouds. This is another long exposure when it was nearly dark.

The next morning at Sprague Lake, there were some great reflections in the water. In this case, the reflections were of golden aspens on the mountains.

And a little rock with the same reflections.

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