October 20 - Early Fall Color

The camera club had a field trip today that took us to locations around around Waynesville and St. James to look for some early fall color. While the sky was cloudless, we had a good time and there was some color after all. The first three pictures are from an area North of St. Roberts where Hwy Y crosses the Gasconade River. The rest are from Maramec Springs Park.

Fog was rising from the river when we arrived - it was kind of cool, and perhaps even a bit frosty.

The seed of a milkweed.

On a long exposure, bubbles floating on the river make streaks across the image. And yes, posting this one upside down makes it look a little odd.

Pine forest in Maramec Springs.

I had to be pretty creative with my tripod to get this shot!

I was happy to see cypress trees scattered throughout the park.

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