July 18 - Additional Rocky Mountain National Park

It's been so warm (Ok, really HOT) here lately and I haven't been out to shoot much. So I thought I'd go back through and process some of the shots from the recent vacation that I passed over the first time through.

I'm still fascinated by Monument Rocks. Here's another composition of the arch, but this time just looking up into the sky with the wide angle lens.

Here's another Columbine, but a very young one that hasn't opened all of the way. Very alien-like.

On our last afternoon, the clouds near the tree line started breaking up after a rain.


  1. What's this? saving the best for last? I really like these.

  2. That Columbine flower (the purple one) is simply gorgeous. Wonder how it looks like when it's blossoming. I've never seen anything like it. Good job.


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