July 1 - Monument Rocks, Kansas

On a trip out west to Denver to visit a few friends, I had a chance to stop by Monument Rocks in Kansas. I'd been to a similar site last year (Castle Rocks) and this one was just as interesting but still different enough to make it worth the trip. This formation is a series of fin-like rocks sticking out of the ground.

Wile wandering around the base of the rocks, we spotted a small owl. Unsure if it was alive or dead, we approached quite close before we spotted small movements. We took a few pictures and left it alone.

In one of the fins, there is a big hole. In the background is the other range of fins - it's probably only 200 yards away, but this wide angle lens makes it look further.

There had been a storm brewing to the north all afternoon, and I snapped a few pictures trying to catch the lightening. It wasn't very spectacular lightening, but I did manage to get one little bit. You should be able to see it if you look closely.

After Denver, we were in Rocky National Mountain Park for a few nights and I'll be posting those as I have time.

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