May 28 - Santa Fe

Santa Fe is fun - very diverse and kind of artsy. In fact, some of the best photographers and artists in the country work in and around this area. Studios and galleries are ever present - as are the booths of artists selling their wares.

There is a lot of interesting architecture in Santa Fe - here's one building on Burro Alley. The clouds were what interested me in this picture - they looked like they were coming out of the building...

This is the same building, but just down the alley a little more. Street photography has never been something I've been that good at - it's a challenge since everything moves all the time.

We drove on toward Abiquiu (pronounced uh-BEE-key as far as I could tell) to find Georgia O'Keeffe's home of some 35 years. We did find the home, but didn't know that you needed reservations months in advance for the tour. Oh well, Abiquiu had some other interesting architecture, such as this small church.

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