June 1 - Dead Horse Point State Park

After driving around Canyonland National Park during the heat of the day (had a nice hike or two, despite the sun) we stopped by Dead Horse Point State Park. This park is just North of Canyonland NP and contains some pretty views of the Colorado River.

I started at the observation area and took a few pictures, but a bus full of teenegers arrived not too long afterword and I moved on (literally, a Greyhound-sized bus pulled up and teenagers carrying pizza and drinks walked up to the observation area).

Here's the picture I took from that viewpoint. Legend has it that cowboys herded horses onto this mesa and blocked it off forming a corral bordered by some very formidable fences. For whatever reasons, the cowboys took a few of the horses and left, letting the rest die of thirst with the Colorodo River in sight. (Gruesome, isn't it.)

I moved on and took a few more pictures from the same area as the sun went down...

One of the other sunset observers was in the way, so I included him in the picture.

A close-up view of the sunset.

A little bit of a different take on the view towards the sunset - that's the 1/4 moon in the upper left.

And finally, back towards the river after the light was nearly gone.

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