September 25 - Snowy Range, Wyoming

I arrived at Snowy Range Trail area in Wyoming just after lunch and drove up to see some of the lakes before driving back to Laramie for the night. It was very windy, cloudy and kind of cold. In fact, it hailed on me while I was hiking around - not the rock-hard hail of Missouri, but the soft fluffy kind that resembles the innards of a bean-bag chair.

These two pictures are from Lake Marie, first from the North side, and then from the South.

The next picture is from Libby Lake. The temperatures started to dip and the wind strengthened, picking water up off of the lake as I waited for the sun to start setting. Finally it did, and the strong gusty wind pushed wave after wave of brilliantly lit red clouds over the top of the mountains - it was quite a sight! I took around 90 pictures while the color lasted.

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  1. Tim,
    These are professional/beautiful shots! Wow!!
    (You must have a really GOOD camera!! JOKE!!! haha!) :)

    Great work!! I enjoy your blog and I'm a student...and a fan.


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