October 25 - Southeast Missouri

I stopped in Eminence for the night so I could be at Alley Spring early. Again, cloud cover kept any morning color away, but it was still an enjoyable dawn. My camera isn't very far from the water in this picture, and the wide angle lens gives a little distortion to the mill.

The spring, and the back side of the mill.

Blue Spring was the next stop. There were leaves sitting on top of the water that were moving very slowly due to water and wind movement. I made a long exposure to see if it would make any interesting patterns. Interesting?

Another first visit was to Johnson Shut-ins. I've always meant to go, but it's kind of out of the way. It was a lot of fun scrambling around the rocks with a 50 pound pack of camera gear, but I didn't fall in once!

Elephant Rocks are so close to the shut-ins that I had to drop by for a couple of pictures.

The last stop of the day was at Pickle Springs Natural Area just East of Farmington. I never did see Pickle Springs, but Pickle Creek had a tiny bit of water running into this little pool.


  1. I didn't look closely at the Alley Mill Shots the first time I looked at this post. These are as good or better than the one you scored in the 90s on in the club competition. Nice work.


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