January 27 - Busiek State Forest

I made two trips to Busiek State Forest this morning - once when it was still too dark to see and another when it had grown lighter.

Ice is always fascinating to me, especially at a small scale. I enjoy the textures and the promise of green in this first picture even in what othwerwise would have been a dismal Ozarks day.

This second picture is abstract ice structure that is just starting to melt. These pictures represent only a small portion of Busiek State Forest - each convers an area about the size of a dime!


  1. Tim - I am glad you were able to capture some of the beauty of Busiek State Forest. My wife's (Lauri Gray Busiek Eaton) father donated the land in honor of his grandfather for people to enjoy in it's natural state.

    Keep up the good work. I enjoyed all of your photos.

  2. Thanks, Daryle! I've always enjoyed photographing Busiek State Forest. It's nice to have that little bit of wildness to explore so close to home. Thanks for looking!


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