May 21 - Alley Mill

On Saturday I floated a portion of the Jack's Fork River with the camera club. I took quite a few pictures on the river, but so far I haven't been pleased with any of them. It was a fun trip, and though it's been some 25 years since I've been in a canoe I didn't tip over once!

It was a cloudy morning on Sunday, and Alley Mill sounded like a good destination for the cloudy, wet and still conditions.

This is one of the "classic" views of the Mill. I always come back to this shot to try and improve things. This particular image is a blend of two images in order to optimize the effects of my polarizing filter.

There is an additional overflow to the right of the waterwheel. It wasn't flowing at all last year, but finally with the recent rains it's flowing again.

This is one of my favorite spots to photograph the Mill. I used a tilt-shift lens to create some interesting blurry effects.

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  1. Oh cool I didn't know that :-) I love your pictures they are so pretty! Floating sounds fun.


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