September 18 - Springfield

Just a quick post from two trips into town with a camera. When I woke this morning, it was raining so I headed downtown. To me, city scenes like this look so much better when it's cloudy and wet.

This was take with a really long lens that compressed the background - there must be thousands of electric and phone lines in this picture.

These first three pictures were taken from roughly the same location - here's another view.

My camera was right next to the ground for this picture to get the reflections where I wanted.

Later in the evening a few folks from the camera club met at Sequiota Park, and photographed the nearby lime processing plant (at least that's what I think it does). The image was processed with a relatively cool white point, and during its 60 second exposure a few cars found their way into the picture. This looked good in black and white, but I like the color version better.


  1. Tim - I see some "starlighting" from the lights at the top of the building, but I wouldn't have expected this, since you were shooting at a fairly wide apeture. In our last discussion at the Firehouse we talked about a small apeture being best for this effect, at least with the sun or moon. Is the fact that these are smaller light sources the reason your getting the starlighting here?

  2. I see what you mean - this photo was shot at f/5.0 for 60 seconds with a 10mm lens. Maybe it's because it's a long exposure? I wish I knew! Guess it's time to do some experiments and find out.


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